Experimenting with new shapes

2013-08-06 16.27.16 2013-08-06 16.27.42  laser engraved sample

I’ve been experimenting with some new shapes recently. I did a small sample and then made a vessel/vase copper model to test a couple of different things.

Firstly I wanted to see how the laser would cope engraving over a number of different heights and whether it would engrave the slopes ok. I didn’t get the power right, or else I should not have enamelled a second layer of top black as I didn’t get through to the vibrant red I did on the sample piece.

Secondly I wanted to try out a more 3D form to enamel on. I did quite a bit of scoring and folding at university so I decided to revisit that. I like the look of it but it did experience quite a bit of movement in the kiln which has caused some of the enamel to crack off in places so I shall have to think about that!

Thirdly, because this is copper and not silver (with no need to hallmark) I experimented using cuprotech which is a copper phosphorous brazing alloy designed to do copper joints. This has a higher copper content (and running temperature) than my usual silver solder. I was hoping this might overcome some of the problems with enamelling over silver solder and mean the solder wouldn’t run in the kiln. The enamel over the join has experienced no discolouration but in parts has chipped off. It is unclear as to whether or not this is because of the cuprotech or because of the movement of the metal in the kiln so I shall have to do more testing.

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